The presidential decree n°95 -377 of 20/11/1995 fixing the interior rules of the court of accounts completed in its articles 22, 23, 24, organize the functions of the registry of the court of accounts. The last one has a mission of assistant chambers in the exercise of their jurisdictional functions.

The staff of the registry is governed by a special statute for dedicated to officers belonging to the specific bodies of the administration of the court of accounts.

The organization of this structure is fixed by the instruction of the president of the court of account who subdivides it into 4 sections namely:

   – The accountability section.

   – Litigation section.

    – Notification section.

     – And archiving section.

Two grades constitute the body of the registry of the court of accounts namely:

– Clerks.

– And the secretaries clerks.

The registry exercise its attributions under the authority of the president of the court of accounts, and is directed by a principal clerk assisted by 8 clerks of the national chambers, of 9 clerks of the chambers with territorial competence, and the clerk of the BFDC. In addition to the principle clerk, the registry is composed of a divisional clerk of 2 clerks, 3 clerks secretaries and 2 secretaries of administration in charge of monitoring the work of the structure with regard to the deposit of accounts, of notifications, of litigations and archiving in the absence of an archivist.