As part of the Support Program for the Implementation of the Association Agreement (P3A), a seminar on “The Role of big data in the activities of the Court of Accounts” was organized on September 17th and 18th, 2019 by the European Commission’s Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX), in collaboration with the Algerian Court of Accounts, at the Mercure Hotel in Algiers.
The seminar was attended by 80 participants representing the management staff of the Court of Accounts, P3A, magistrates and financial auditors, to introduce them to methods and tools of auditing based on big data.
This seminar was enhanced by an inaugural speech by the President of the Court of Accounts, and animated by European experts, in this case, madam and gentlemen:
– Maria Di Camillo, Project Manager in P.A. information system at the Ministry of Defense, ICT Department, Data security and protection (Italy),
– Giuseppe Florio, Expert in public finance, Ministry of Finance, General Accounting Department (Italy),
– Thomas Lodzinski, Expert in Information management and security, Federal Office of Administration (Germany).
Moreover, Messrs. Bashir Moulouel, General Rapporteur, M’hamed Mahmoudi and Mrs Nabila Maachou, magistrates of the Court of Accounts, presented a paper on “The role of big data in the activities of SAIs: Definition and importance of using big data”.
Several topics were also discussed, including:
– Role of big data in the public sector development,
– Advantages of using big data in public sector: more transparency, better cross-sectoral coordination, high quality decision-making process, targeted and high quality public services.
– Characteristics of big data based audit or 5M audit: multi-sources, multi-perspective, multi-relations, multi techniques, multi-modal.
– Role of big data in improving the quality and efficiency of audits.