A delegation of the Algerian Court of Accounts chaired by Mr. Abdelkader BENMAROUF, President of the Court of Accounts, and composed of Mr. Mohamed Selim BENAMMAR, General Secretary and Ms. Nabila MAACHOU, Magistrate, participated in the work of the 23rd Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (XXIIIe INCOSAI), Moscow, Russia, 23-27 September 2019.
On this occasion, the Court of Accounts was elected as a member of the INTOSAI Governing Board for a term of six (6) years (2019-2025). The Governing Board meets annually to provide strategic direction and continuity between congresses.
The 23rd INCOSAI provided the INTOSAI community with an opportunity for discussion and endorsement of the Moscow Declaration based on three (3) commitments, namely:
– Providing independent external oversight on the achievement of nationally agreed targets including those linked to the SDGs,
– Responding effectively to opportunities brought by technological advancement,
– Enhancing the impact that SAIs make on citizen’s life.
Two (2) main themes related to “information technology for the development of public administration” and to “the role of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in achieving national priorities and objectives”, have been selected and debated during this congress.
During five (5) consecutive working days, several sessions and meetings were organized by the INTOSAI organs, namely the INTOSAI Governing Board, the INTOSAI Goal Committees and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI).
In addition, two (2) panels of discussions with the participation of external experts, dealt with themes related to the “macroeconomic context of the audit” and “sustainable development in the age of Great Disruption: administrative and technological solutions”.
Finally, on the sidelines of this event, the Algerian Court of Accounts participated, on the days of 25 and 27 September 2019, in the animation of two (2) stands, one reserved for the Forum of SAIs with Jurisdictional functions, and another to ARABOSAI, where several publications were presented, such as the review report of the government’s preparedness to implement the SDGs and the methodological audit guides.