In the context of the « court of auditors conferences », aiming to create a culture of knowledge sharing knowledge and experiences and opening up to the outside world, the Court of Auditors organized on 26 December 2017 in the conference room, a scientific meeting on «the new paradigm of the Algerian economy growth: between strengths and bottlenecks». The guest of the Court of Auditors at his first seminar is Mr. Mustapha MEKIDECHE, economist and Vice-President of the National Economic and Social Council.

In order to benefit from this moment, all the executives of the institution’s structures were invited to this seminar, as well as four judges for each audit structure. The seminar brought together more than sixty judges. It was enhanced by the attendance of the President of the Court of Auditors, as well as all the management of the headquarters of the institution.

The seminar was an opportunity to discuss in depth the problem of growth in Algeria through the strong and weak points of the Algerian economy, In which the rate of economic growth is largely required in line with economic circumstances. At the end of the conference, a large and contradictory debate was initiated with the participants on the subject in question. They greatly appreciated the intervention of the lecturer.

The President of the Court of Auditors, on the sidelines of this conference, said that in application of its strategic plan, the Court of Auditors plans to open up more on the outside world.