As part of the program to support the implementation of the Association Agreement between Algeria and the European Union (P3A), the Court of Auditors, an independent institution of public audit, organized on April 25th, 2018, in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union in Algiers, the closing seminar of its twinning with the French Court of Auditors (main partnership) and the Portuguese Court of Auditors (junior partner) entitled: Institutional capacity-building of the Court of Auditors with regard to judicial review, enforcement of the budget law and quality of management.

Mr. Abdelkder BENMAROUF, President of the Algerian Court of Auditors, Mr. Didier MIGAUD, First President of the French Court of Auditors, Ms. Eleonora Pais de Almeida, Representative of the President of the Portuguese Court of Auditors, SEM Mr. John O’ROURKE, Ambassador of the European Union, SEM Mr. Xavier DRIENCOURT, Ambassador of France, SEM Mr. Carlos Folhadela de Macedo Oliveira, Ambassador of Portugal and Mr. Ali MOKRANI, Director of Cooperation with the European Union and the European Institutions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were Present. The meeting was also attended by the management and judges of the Court of Auditors, as well as some twinning experts.

This twinning, which started in January 2016, is part of the program of support to economic governance and policy of Algeria «SPRING» that manages the P3A. Its objective was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Court of Auditors as regard to judicial review, enforcement of the budget law and the quality of management. It was divided into four main lines : organization and means, jurisdictional activities, budgetary control system, and management control and evaluation.

This twining financed approximately 1 72 000 euros by the European Union, this twinning mobilized 92 French and Portuguese experts for 870 days of expertise. It has benefited from a strong involvement of the Court of Auditors and has already achieved many results that it intends to sustain and extend beyond the twinning.

The Court of Auditors, which contributes to the development of good governance and transparency in the management of public finances, has initiated a dynamic of putting its activities in compliance with the European and international standards and best practices. It has, in particular, adopted methodological guides of homogeneous standards, of simplified and updated court proceedings, collaborative monitoring tools for the quality of management performance, and modernized IT and communication resources.