Presentation of the territorial chamber of Tizi-Ouzou



Rue Guentri Sedik, Tizi-Ouzou
(siège mitoyen à la Cour de justice de Tizi-Ouzou).

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As the national chambers, the chamber with territorial competence of Tizi-Ouzou was established by the ordinance n°95-20 of July 17, 1995 relating to the court of accounts, modified and supplemented by the ordinance n°10-02 of august 16, 2010 articles 29, 31 and provided in the article 9 of the presidential decree n 95- 377 fixing the internal rules of the court of accounts, which precise the competence and the territorial implementation of each chamber. Set up on May 6 ,1996, its headquarter is located at the level of the chief place of the province.

According to the article 31 of the ordinance n°95 20 of July 17, 1995 modified and supplemented, the TCT is charged for the posterior control of the finances of the territorials authorities, and all institutions and public organs coming within its territorial competence.

At the organizational level, the chamber is subdivided into sections according to the decision of January 16 th 1996, of the president of the court of accounts specifying the areas of interventions of the territorial chamber and determining their subdivision in section. The chamber of territorial competence of Tizi-Ouzou was installed in 1998, it covers 6 provinces namely: Tizi-Ouzou, Boumerdes, Bouira, Bejaia, Borj bou arrerdj and M’sila including 283 municipalities.

The headquarter of the chamber is provisioning at the bus station building H EPLF Tizi-Ouzou, waiting for the Imminent realization of its own headquarter. Its field of intervention concerns the posterior control of the local authorities, the control of the institutions and public bodies belonging to these authorities as well as the subsidies granted by these last ones to the differences associations.

The chamber exercises its administrative functions by controlling the quality of management, particularly in term of the efficiency, efficacy and economy of the public funds.

The chamber is also invested with jurisdictional prerogatives concerning the surrender of accounts and clearance of accounts of management of public accountants. It also set up a detailed report to the budgetary and financial disciplinary chamber and to the territorially competent public procurer.  

For the realization of its program, the chamber is composed for the president of chamber’s president, and the section’s president, of 7 magistrates namely: 1 magistrate of 4 group of outside hierarchy, 1 counselor et, 1 principle auditor, 2 auditors from first class and 2 auditors from second class have for main missions, the execution of control activities programs of the territorial chamber.

The chamber has a registry, which is operated by a clerk and principle clerk secretory.

The chamber also include a support structure for administrative and financial management composed of 9 training agents under the direct hierarchy of sub director bringing the number of 21: 9 magistrates, 12 agents including the sub director.