Under Article 10 of Presidential Decree n° 95-377 of November 20th, 1995 laying down the rules of procedure of the Court of Auditors, the Eighth Chamber is a Chamber with national jurisdiction whose fields of intervention cover the sectors of industry and communications.

These areas include ministerial departments responsible for industry and mining, tourism and crafts, energy and postal services, and information and communication technologies (central and decentralized or external services), the public institutions and bodies that depend on it, and the economic public companies (EPE) whose activities are related to the sectors covered by these ministries.

  • Organization of the chamber

According to Article 2 of the Decree of 16 January 1996 specifying the fields of intervention of the Chambers of the Court of Auditors and determining their subdivision into sections, the field of ​​jurisdiction of the 

Eighth Chamber «Industries and Communications» is divided between two (2) sections:

– The first section includes ministries responsible for industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, tourism and crafts;

– The second section has jurisdiction over the energy and postal and telecommunications sectors.

But, in practice, the Eighth Chamber is currently organized in a single section that deals with all the sectors of activity within its field of intervention.

Portfolio of accounts:

The accounts portfolio of the Eighth Chamber is composed of central and decentralized departments of ministerial departments, public administrative institutions (EPA), industrial and commercial public establishments (EPIC) and public economic companies (EPE).

  •  Central Services

The field of jurisdiction of the Eighth Chamber covers the following four (04) ministerial departments:

– Ministry of Industry and Mining;

– Ministry of Tourism and Crafts;

– Ministry of Energy;

– Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies.

  •  Decentralized Government Services:

The number of decentralized services under the ministries within the jurisdiction of the Chamber is 192:

* 48 wilaya directorates of industry, SMEs and investment promotion;

* 48 wilaya directorates of tourism and crafts;

* 48 wilaya directorates of the post and telecommunications;

* 48 wilaya directorates of energy.


  • public administrative institutions(EPA):

There are currently nine (09) public administrative institutions (EPAs) under the authority of departments within the jurisdiction of the chamber:

– The National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI);

– The National Agency for SME Development (AND – SME);

– The National Office of Legal Metrology (ONML);

– National Tourism Office (ONT) ;

– Three tourism schools (ENST, INHT of Tizi-Ouzou and INHT of Bou-Saâda);

  • The National Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies and Communication (INTTIC) of Oran;

– The National Institute of Post and Information and Communication Technologies (INPTIC) of Algiers.

  •  Industrial and commercial public establishments (EPIC) and public economic companies (EPE):

The field of ​​intervention of the Eighth companies whose activities are in the industrial and artisanal, energy and mining sectors, the SME-SMI, tourism and crafts and post and telecommunications.

  • Composition of the chamber:

The Eighth Chamber is composed, in addition to the President of the Chamber and the President of Section, of six (6) other judges including one (1) high judge, two (2) advisers and three (3) auditors, three (3) Financial Auditors and two (2) chamber Clerks.

– President of the Chamber: Mr. TAHRAOUI Ali;

– Section President: Mrs. BOUKAZOUHA Fadila;

* Judges

– Mr. SENA Abderrazak, judicial hierarchy

– Mr. KHEDDAR Salah, 1st Counselor

– Ms. BENABDERRAHMANE Zohra, Counselor

– Mr. CHIKHAOUI Ahmed, Auditor

– Mr. BELKACEM Omri, Auditor

– Mrs. HAMOUDI Rym, Auditor

* Secretariat

Ms.HDDADI Karima