The Fourth Chamber is a National Chamber responsible for implementing the audit programs established by the Program and Reports Committee within the limits of its field of intervention and participating in any activity of the Court of Auditors, within the framework of the legal and regulatory provisions governing the functioning of the Institution.

The field of ​​intervention of the Fourth Chamber is in the areas of education, training and activities related to religious affairs, carried out by the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, the Ministry of Vocational Education and Training and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

In addition to the central administrations and decentralized services of these ministries, the Chamber is in charge of supervising the entities under it supervision with the status of public administrative institutions; industrial and commercial public establishments and public institution with a scientific and technical vocation.

The Fourth Chamber is composed of fourteen (14) judges and one (01) auditor namely:

– Mr. RAHAL Ali, Section President;

– M.r AOUINE Saadi, Section President;

– Mr. HANAFI Mohamed, First Counselor;

– Ms. BENKOBBI Fadhela, Counselor;

– Ms. OUADAH Safia, Senior Auditor;

– Mr. MOUHOUM Abdelhakim, Auditor;

– Mr. REKIA Abdellah, 2nd class auditor;

– Mr. BENHACINE Bouazza, 2nd class auditor;

– Mr. HANI Amar, 2nd class Auditor;

– Mrs. MOKADEM Hassina, 2nd class auditor;

– Mrs. STITRA Souad, 2nd class auditor;

– Mrs ALLALI Leila, 2nd class auditor;

– Ms. BOUNAFAA Fouzia, auditor general.

It has a registry (Ms. Salima KINIOUAR) and a secretariat (Mrs. DJEMIL Salima and Mr. Omar ABBES). It is headed by Mrs. DIDOUCHE Malika President of Chamber and assisted by Mr. OUSTANI Belaid – Section President.