The second chamber is the reorganization of the Court of auditors introduced by Presidential Decree n° 95-377 of 27 Joumada Ethani 1416 corresponding to November 20th, 1995 laying down the rules of procedure of the Court of Auditors.

The decree of the President of the Court of Auditors of 25 Chaabane 1416 corresponding to  January 16th, 1996, specifies in its article 3, the area of intervention of the Chamber and the sections related thereto, including a single operational section, covers the entire area of intervention of the Chamber.

Field of competences of the Chamber

The area of intervention of the 2nd chamber covers the sector of public authority and national institutions and covers the following institutions and bodies related to it:

– Presidency of the Republic;

– Services of the first ministry;

– Ministry of National Defense;

– Ministry of the Interior and the local authorities;

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

– Ministry of Justice;

– Ministry for Relations with Parliament

– National institutions

2nd chamber staff

Mr. Ammar SAB: President of Chamber

Mr Ikhlef Yessad: Section President

The following judges

Ms. Fatima Saadou: 4th group of the judicial hierarchy

Mr. Mourad RECHOUM: 4th group of the judicial hierarchy

Mr. Houari TALEB: Senior Auditor

Mr. Abderrazak MADANI: first-class Auditor

Mr. Fateh ALLEM: First-Class Auditor

Mr. Miloud BENAZEIZ: second-class Auditor

Mr. Abdelhalim Mefti: second-class Auditor

Mr. Abdelkader ZAOUI: second-class Auditor

Mr. Noureddine Bouslimani: second-class Auditor

Mrs. Samia MAZARI: second-class Auditor

The following auditors

Ms. Houria LEDRAA: Senior Auditor

Mr. Lamine OUENAS: Auditor

The Registry

Ms. Fatiha OULED BEN SAID: Divisional clerk

The Secretariat

Mrs. Djamila IDOUGHI: Main Executive Secretary

Mrs. Hind LENOUAR: Main Executive Secretary.