National Chambers

  1. Article 10 of Presidential Decree n°95-377 of 27 Jumada Ethania 1416 corresponding to 20 November 1995 laying down the rules of procedure of the Court of Auditors, specifies the respective areas of intervention of chambers with national jurisdictions and the Order of 25 Chaabane 1416 corresponding to 16 January 1996 from the President of the Court of Auditors, determines, in addition to the area of ​​intervention in relation to the sectors circumscribed to each National Chamber, the audit by these latter of public institutions and bodies of any kind depending on a given ministry, or receiving subsidies included in its indicative and the audit of the economic public companies whose activity involving the sector covered by that ministry are devolved to the section of the National Chamber responsible for that ministry (Central, decentralized or external services).The new provisions of the Ordinance n°10-02 of 26 August 2010 amending and supplementing Ordinance n°95-20 of 17 July 1995 expanding the chambers control area to audit the management of companies, undertakings and bodies regardless their legal status in which the State, territorial authorities, institutions, companies and other public bodies hold, jointly or separately, a majority stake a preponderant power of decision.The articles 1 and 2 of the order of 16 January 1996 aforementioned specify the areas of intervention of the chambers of the Court of Auditors and determine their subdivisions in section and for each section is determined the areas of intervention.Each of them is divided into two (02) sections as follows:
    National Chambers 1st section 2nd section
    1-Finance – Ministry of Finance (with the exception of the public accountant) – Accountant of the state (excluding those of P and T)
    2- Public authority and national institutions -Presidency of the republic;

    – the services of the head of government;

    – Ministries of National Defense and of the Interior;

    – National institutions

    -Ministries responsible for foreign affairs and justice
    3- Health, Social Affairs and Culture -Ministries responsible for health, labor, social affairs, vocational training and Mujahedeen -Ministries responsible for Communication, Culture, Youth and Sports
    4- Education and training – Ministry responsible for National Education and Religious Affairs -Ministries responsible for higher education and scientific research
    5- Agriculture and Hydraulics -Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry – Ministry of Hydraulics and Fisheries
    6- infrastructure and transport -Ministries responsible of Public Works, Town Planning, Construction, Housing and territory Planning       – Ministry of Transport
    7- Business, banking and insurance – Ministry of Trade     – Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Public Holdings
    8- Industry and Communication – Ministry responsible for Industry, small or medium-sized enterprise, Tourism and Handicrafts     -Ministries responsible for Energy and post and telecommunications


    Presentation of National Chambers

    1st  Chamber

     2nd  Chamber

     3rd  Chamber

     4th Chamber

     5th Chamber

     6th Chamber

     7th Chamber

     8th Chamber

        Territorial Chambers

The territorial jurisdiction Chambers are responsible, within their geographical area, for the audit and management of territorial authorities and organizations and institutions subject to the control of the Court of Auditors attached to them.By decision of the President of the Court of Auditors and the advice of the programs and reports committee, they can be responsible for assisting the national jurisdiction chambers in the execution of transactions recorded in their annual work program (Article 31a of the Ordinance n°10-02 related to the Court of Auditors).The same applies to the other bodies that receive public funds on which the control carried out is optional, as the management of public participation of bodies in which local communities hold part of the social capital, or those who manage a mandatory health insurance schemes and social protection, or those who appeal to public generosity for humanitarian, educational or scientific reasons.Article 11 of Presidential Decree n°95-377 determines the implantation of the chief towns of the wilaya of chambers territorial jurisdiction.To the number of  nine (09), the area of intervention of each of them, provided for in Article 11 above mentioned is specified by Article 3 of the order of 16 January 1996 of the President of the Court of Auditors, which subdivides and divides into two (02) sections each territorial field of intervention as follows :

Territorial Chambers 1st section 2nd section
Annaba Annaba, Skikda, El-Tarf Guelma, Souk-ahras, Tébessa, Oum El-Bouaghi
Constantine Constantine, Mila, Jijel Batna, Biskra, Sétif, Khenchela
Tizi-Ouzou Tizi-Ouzou, Bejaia, Boumerdes Bordj-Bou- Arreiridj, Msila, Bouira
Blida Blida, Ain-Defla, Médéa Chlef, Djelfa, Tissemsilt
Alger Alger Tipaza
Oran Oran, Mostaganem Relizane, Mascara, Saida
Tlemcen Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbas Ain-temouchent, Tiaret, Naàma
Ouargla Ouargla, Ghardaia, Laghouat Illizi, El-Oued, Tamanrasset
Bechar Béchar, Tindouf Adrar, El-Bayadh


The same article will specify that each section of a Territorial Chamber controls the local authorities within its jurisdiction, public institutions and bodies of any kind depending on the said communities or receiving subsidies recorded to their indicative as well as local public companies.


Presentation of Territorial Chambers

Territorial Chamber of Ouargla

Territorial Chamber of Bechar

Territorial Chamber Tlemcen

Territorial Chamber of Oran

Territorial Chamber of Constantine

Territorial Chamber of Annaba

Territorial Chamber of Tizi-Ouzou

Territorial Chamber of Blida

Territorial Chamber of Algiers