Presentation of the General Censorship

The role of public ministry in the Court of Auditors is entrusted to General Censor, actually assisted by four (04) censors.

Defined by Article 43 of the Ordinance n°95-20 of 17/07/1995 related to the Court of Auditors, amended and supplemented, by Ordinance     n°10-02 of 26 April 2010, the General Censor tasks revolve around the monitoring of the conditions of application, within the institution, of the laws and regulations in force.

To this end he : Ensures regular production of accounts, and in case of delay, refusal or obstruction, requires the application of the fine in the cases provided for by this order;

 • Requires the declaration of management of de facto and the fine for interference with the functions of the public accountant;

• Requires the implementation of the judicial proceedings in Budget and Finance Disciplinary;

• Attends or is represented at the sessions of the judicial formations of the court to which he submits his written conclusions and, where appropriate, his oral observations;

 Follows the execution of judgments of the Court of Auditors and ensures the action taken on its injunctions;

 Ensures the relations between the Court of Auditors and the courts and follows the results reserved to any record which they are entered.

Member of the programs and reports committee and member of the board of judges of the Court of Auditors, the General Censor exercises its public ministry by way of requisitions and by way of conclusions.